Mini-Schools are courses that run during the Sunday morning service and start at 11:15am, after worship and announcements.


Awakening Level 1

Don and Bruce
10 Weeks
Everyone - This is the best course for everyone to start with.

Awakening is the first step in connecting with Bethel's unique purpose, vision & mission.  It is designed to infuse you with a clear perspective of your identity and purpose in Christ and to teach you to burn with passion for God as you experience His passion for you. Awakening is designed with three separate and distinct sections. Section I is understanding the Purpose of Mankind, the Design of Mankind and the Process of Transformation God uses to form the Life of Christ in us. Section II is to create within the student a Kingdom World View in understanding the Great Commission as a mandate to transform Nations and what that looks like for them. Section III is designed to assist the student to discover their Divine Purpose and the specific mission & mandate God has assigned to them.

Upon completion of this course the student can expect to have a clear and solid understanding of the basics of Christian life, what God's will is for them and what their assigned mission is here upon the earth.



Under Cover

Pastor Michael
6 Weeks
Anyone that calls Bethel their home church.

Undercover is a 6 week journey of coming into a biblical understanding of God's authority in our lives and what the outworking of His authority looks like. In the 13th chapter of Romans the Apostle Paul writes, "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

In a day and age where we hear story after story of people abusing their positions of authority and stories of leaders violating the trust of their people what is our approach as a Christian supposed to be to those in authority? How do we protect ourselves from being abused by authority and how do we stay under the covering of God's protection by honoring authority and leadership? These are real questions and the difference between walking in blessing and realizing the dreams you have or suffering the consequences of rebellion, cursing and the sword that Paul talks about in Romans 13:4 lay in knowing how to be in right relationship to the authorities in your life.

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