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Community Life Groups are small groups that meet throughout the week. We encourage people to get involved with life groups to help build relationships and develop friendships within the church. Bethel has a variety of life groups that focus on a variety of ages and themes. The one thing they all have in common is they're only an hour or two a couple times per month and you're guaranteed to make friends and grow in your relationship with God.

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A Vision for Life in Community:

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer... everyday they continued to meet together in the temple courts, they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." ISV

Acts 2:42-46;

"I just can't connect in church." "I feel so alone." "I don't enjoy socializing." "I'm too busy." Nowadays these comments are all too common. They are expressed in communities and churches across our country.

The fact that someone could feel alone in the middle of a church surrounded by hundreds of people is absurd. Unfortunately it is an all too present reality, even here in Bethel.

Sometimes these feelings of disconnect cause people to leave the church; either to go elsewhere or to abandon the church completely. And yet, sometimes these people stay and either battle their loneliness on their own, or learn to grow comfortable being disconnected and alone. These outcomes not only put potential limits on individual growth, they also limit the spiritual and physical growth of the church.

Being connected is crucial to our existence and to our journey as a child of God. Being in a healthy relationship with one another brings great joy, both to us and to our Father. After all, relationship was His idea to begin with, yet loneliness, unhealthy relationships, and disconnect continue to prevail today. In our technological era we are losing face-to-face interaction. We are forgetting that connection comes through time and investment: time spent with one another, investing in one another, in real, personal, and tangible ways.

The struggle to connect is real, and it is something that we need to address as a family. Our desire as leadership is to see the church family succeed at connecting and building relationships, and we believe that our new initiative, Bethel Community Life Groups, will enable that success. Disconnect in our church family is something that we need to acknowledge and change.

Here at Bethel, our desire is to see our church family succeed at connecting with one another; building and maintaining healthy authentic relationships; growing and journeying together; becoming a true family. We believe that deeper fellowship will propel individuals forward, enable them to fulfill their purpose, and support them as they step out into their kingdom destiny.

Our goal is to see the formation of tightly knit communities within our larger church community and we see Bethel's Community Life Groups as playing a key role in this process. Community Life Groups will provide an environment for people to engage in common interests for the purpose of creating community. These interests could include, but are not limited to; getting together for appetizers and conversation, attending sporting events, movies or plays, participating in sports or arts together, meeting for a Bible or book study...etc.

The ideas are as diverse as are the people of which they are comprised. In short, the only requirements are that an individual will join a Community Life Group with a spirit of commitment to others; an intent to strengthen relationships and connections, and a desire to encourage and be encouraged by one another in their personal walk with Christ.

As a leadership team we desire to see healthy communities of believers within the larger Bethel family, where people can depend on one another for support, fun, and encouragement. Essentially Community Life Groups will be an extension of one's own family, where each family member has the opportunity to give and to receive the love of Jesus, resting assured that no one will be excluded or left to journey alone.

We desire to see communities of believers who demonstrate the qualities that were found in the early church. We are eager to see believers who are drawn together with a common purpose and a common vision; to see an abundance of connections within the body; and to see them grow stronger, wider and deeper.

We are looking for men and women who are willing to say, "Yes" and take the initiative to brave the waters of leadership for Bethel's Community Life Groups. We are calling for men and women who are willing to take an ordinary group of people and turn them into a tightly knit, committed family community. One that is drawn together by a common purpose, and a common vision, to see that no one is left behind on our journey and mission to see our City transformed and dreams become a reality.

Top Reasons People Join Bethel Christian Assembly Home Groups:

On Sundays, you will no longer feel like a stranger in the crowd at Bethel Christian Assembly. You'll feel connected in spite of the large number of strangers around you. Even though some people might have enjoyed remaining anonymous during Sunday services after their first few months at Bethel, without exception, they eventually feel disconnected and alone. However, building relationships in a small group is one of the first steps to making the faces recognizable!Your home group will be a great support for your journey of life. The group can become like family -- a home away from home. The people in your home group are the ones that you seek first, in times of celebration and in need.Home Groups are interactive. You get to ask questions, give your opinion and learn as a group.You will be able to make a difference in others' lives. Home Groups are a great place to use your spiritual gifts (God-given strengths) to serve God and others.

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Bethel Christian Assembly 440 Richmond Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A, Canada

Induction Service of our New Sr. Pastor
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08 September 2018 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Bethel Christian Assembly 440 Richmond Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A, Canada

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